About us

Welcome to our pride!

Thank you for your interest to our cattery which is involved in breeding of pure-blooded british shorthair cats in blue and lilac colours.

The main cat-breeder of our cattery is World Champion & Double Master in WCF Marcello von Luanda, which has been imported in Russia from a famous german cattery Von Luanda in 2005.

These highest titles in WCF undoubtedly characterize the top-quality of out pets and our professional level in breeding. However the main feature of our cattery is unlimited love to our pets and all other cats in general. That means we do not release our cittens to a new owners before they will be 3 months old. During this time the cittens are getting all required skills from his parents to be ready for life in a new house.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us peter@stlogistics.ru